Complimentary Research Brief by Aberdeen Group


Today's corporate sales organizations are rapidly trying to adapt to contemporary, on-demand selling environments and the resulting altered buying cycles, as well as to new methodologies of transferring knowledge to and from customers and prospects.  

To this end, a wide variety of sales training solutions and methodologies are deployed by companies seeking to lower or control the cost of selling, while maximizing the top line of gross revenue, by influencing the behavior of their sales reps as well as that of their sales managers.  

In August and September 2011, Aberdeen surveyed 984 end-user organizations to learn about their sales training practices, with findings published in the benchmark study, Sales Training 2011: Uncovering How the Best-in-Class Sustain, Reinforce, and Leverage Best Selling Practices (October 2011).  

Among the respondents were 41 companies indicating Holden International as their external provider. This Research Brief analyzes a number of the capabilities and enablers favored by both this group as well as by the top-performing companies within the research.

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