Webinar: "The 10 Worst Habits of B2B Sales People"

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Do you ever wonder why your team doesn’t win more deals? It’s not what they’re selling, it’s how.

Start examining the process today
Join this brand new webinar to learn how you can identify the The 10 Worst Habits of Sales People. This free, one-hour session features expert commentary from:

  • Ryan Kubacki, CEO of Holden
  • Geoff Nyheim, the Executive in Residence, Sales Leadership Center at DePaul University and former Microsoft Sales Leader

Selling today and tomorrow
Ryan and Geoff will discuss the current state of sales:

  • Bad habits that are plaguing today’s sellers
  • Approaches to eliminate these habits
  • How higher education is improving the sales force of tomorrow

Start replacing bad habits with winning approaches. Reinvigorate your process, your team, and your numbers.

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